WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating

September 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

The start of the fall semester at school brings more than just the start of classes, it also brings the start of football season! The atmosphere all semester long is about who our Nittany Lions are going to beat on the upcoming weekend.

The proper way to get ready for our football games is not by just showing up, but by engaging in the tailgating experience. If you want to see something miraculous, a Penn State tailgate is where you need to be; acres and acres of land surrounding our beloved Beaver stadium are covered with students, alumni and fans. The plethora of food offered at tailgates is good, but the apparel is even better.

Fashionistas can find ways to match school spirit with style! The featured Fashionista is the perfect example. During the early games of the season, shorts and tank tops are a part of the classic go-to look. Easily spice this up with a funky headband or Converse All-Stars. On chillier game days, don’t be tempted to throw on a sweatshirt when there are other ways of staying warm. A cardigan is one way of bundling up while still showing your Penn State pride. This Fashionista shines brightly in her cream colored cardigan. As the frosty winds blow through the valley, be playful with jeans.  My personal favorites are burgundy and olive green.

Try something new for tailgating season by putting emphasis on footwear. Booties offer a comfortable and fashionable style for your feet, all while giving your height a boost. Added height is especially important if you’re on the shorter side (like me)!

To all my fellow Fashionistas, enjoy football season while staying fabulous!

One Simple Change: A scarf is the perfect fall accessory to wrap around your neck if the temperatures drop. This look could easily be worn to class when the leaves start to change.