WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating

Football season is among us! Hot dogs, koozies and country music galore take over as we prepare for yet another successful season of tailgating.

At UCF, black and gold is a must, as is the unfortunate humidity. However, just because it’s humid out, doesn’t mean your look has to suffer. Beat the heat by accessorizing with a funky spirited headband to calm your frizz and keep flyaways from sticking to your forehead. Mist your makeup with hairspray to keep it from fading or sweating onto others. Don’t wear sleeves or any kind of tight top to avoid sweat stains, and always carry sunglasses.

This Fashionista is decked out in school spirit. Aside from her strapless lace crop top, her ensemble celebrates black and gold. She wears high-waisted black shorts to keep herself fashionably cool. To edge up her game day apparel, she sports a fun gold statement chain that has a strip of black leather weaved through it. The chunky necklace frames her collarbone in a surprisingly delicate manner and highlights her dainty collarbone. Continuing with the black and gold color scheme, she adds bracelets embellished with large stones and a metallic gold headband. Her black lace-up boots are great for keeping her feet clean and sleek as she treks up and down campus.

One Simple Change: Since Florida is anything but cold this season, feel free to take this outfit from Tailgating to girl’s night out by adding in a slick cropped leather jacket. To elevate your look for the club crowd, switch out the lace-up boots for a pair of black wedges or pumps.