WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating

Campus has officially come back to life from its barren summer state. Here at Michigan State University, there are anxious new freshman just starting to learn the ins and outs of campus, and also returning Spartans who are thrilled to be back home after a few months away from their green and white adventures. While the thought of beginning a new school year is always refreshing in itself, perhaps the root of back to school excitement is the start of another tailgating season.

They say there’s no party like the pre-party, and it wasn’t until I came to college that I understood the true meaning of football season: turns out it’s much more fashionable than I originally though. There is an unmeasurable amount of school spirit that plays through the air as the beloved fight song booms across campus. Tailgates are not only a celebration of the football game that follows, but an event that can truly unite the entire campus. When an event of such magnitude takes place, it seems the only proper way to attend is in style that is just as great.

I saw this Fashionista sporting true Spartan style. This look is the perfect wardrobe selection to kick off tailgating season from her accessories all the way to her shoes. This Fashionista wore a trendy burnout Spartan tank top with a classic pair of jean shorts. A simple green hoodie added a slight rebellious touch to her outfit as a ‘90s throwback piece, yet it was a practical accessory if the tailgate is during the evening, as temperatures may drop. Her Spartan green sunglasses were a peppy touch while the sneakers were a functional footwear choice, as tailgates and football games usually mean a lot of time on your feet.

One Simple Change: School spirit is always a good idea when it comes to campus fashion. Take this outfit from a tailgating ensemble to a back to school look by swapping out the sunglasses for a more studious garment such as a backpack or tote bag. Let the university anthems ring because fall is here, class is back in session and the tailgating fun is only just beginning!