WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating

Every summer, one of the biggest things to look forward to are weekend concerts. More importantly, we have the tailgate to get excited for. The tailgate is the few hours before the concert where cars become our homes. We pop the trunks of our cars, open all the doors and blast music. Grills are brought out and games like corn hole and can jam are stationed all around the parking lot. Strangers in nearby cars quickly become friends and as the sun starts setting, everyone begins to wander into the concert for a night of dancing and screaming to all the favorite songs.

One of my personal favorites is tailgating before a country concert. However, it is hard to come up with an outfit for one of these concerts that is country and still chic. This Fashionista was able to mix some current trends with a country twist for the perfect tailgate outfit. Of course, high-waisted denim shorts are a country concert necessity. Pairing those shorts with gladiator sandals is a great way to make this look stay fashionable. Although these shoes are not country, they are trendy and look great with her outfit. It also makes her stand out in a sea of country boots. Lastly, she took a regular tank top and added an unexpected twist to it. By tying the front of a thin tank top that you have already worn, you are able to make it look brand new. It also is a way to make a plain shirt look more fun and interesting.

One Simple Change: Want to use this look for your back to school packing? This tank top can be worn to any class, and by tying it into a crop top, you can also wear it out on the weekends. Dress it up with a leather skirt or dress it down with high-waisted jeans for class. Gladiator shoes are a huge trend right now and definitely should be packed for your fall semester as well.