WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating

Tailgating season is everyone’s favorite season! It’s the perfect time to break out your cowboy boots and one of your favorite dresses. This Fashionista showed how to be fashionable while tailgating.

Pairing cowboy boots with a dress is a common outfit for girls tailgating. Everyone has those dresses they buy just because it would be the perfect dress for a tailgate. This Fashionista did an excellent job with her white lace dress and boots. Tan or brown cowboy boots are easy colors to pair with any outfit. She finished her outfit with a statement necklace. The necklace is a great accessory to show off your personal style.

This outfit is an amazing way to look when going to a tailgate. Whether you’re tailgating for a football game or your favorite country concert, a dress and cowboy boots are a must. Instead of wearing a T-shirt with your college logo to a football game, wear a sundress that incorporates your school colors. You still can show your school spirit and look your best at the same time. Going to a country concert? Wear a dress with patterns and colors or you can keep it simple with a plain white dress. But always remember your boots. Show your personality through your fashion! This Fashionista’s dress and boots demonstrated the trendy way to tailgate!

One Simple Change: Pair this dress and necklace with a pair of wedges and it can change this look entirely. It dresses this outfit up and now you’re ready to hit a graduation party or a night out with your friends!