WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating

Tailgating is one of the most exciting college events. It is a time that many students look forward to, characterized by an atmosphere of happiness, fun and school spirit. Along with the eagerness to partake in an entertaining day, there is every Fashionista’s desire to impress her peers with the perfect tailgating outfit. During the winter season, this is one of the most important occasions to show off your best cold weather style. An outfit that is both warm and chic is the ultimate goal. Whether it’s a trendy jacket, a fashionable scarf or an innovative ear warmer, every Fashionista looks to stand out for this event.

This Fashionista impeccably balances the desire for warmth and style. Her all-black shirt and leggings combination work to present a sleek and put together appearance that is not restricting in her movements. The simplicity in this aspect of the outfit allows the Fashionista to add details in other ways. Different textures and patterns are the best tactics to use when looking to take an outfit to the next level. The neutral-colored quilted coat that this Fashionista is wearing adds contrasting elements of both color and texture to her black shirt and pants. Making use of similar colors in the detailing elements allows the layering of the chevron infinity scarf to break up the solid-coloring of the jacket and T-shirt, while also complementing the combination. These winter essentials are perfect for a day spent outside tailgating!

This Fashionista then took her outfit above and beyond through her addition of a fur ear warmer. Ear warmers are a stylish and comfortable way to stay warm in the cold, especially over the long duration of a tailgate. The details that these ear warmers can have, such as jewels, fur or structural designs, ultimately are the defining and most noticeable aspects of the outfit. In a crowd full of college students tailgating, it is this additional factor that can make your ensemble stand out against the others.

One Simple Change: Love the idea of a headband but want a different option for everyday wear? Trade in the fur covered ear warmers for a trendy head wrap that is perfect to wear to class!