WHAT TO WEAR: Sweater Weather

Winter in Chicago is one of my favorite times of the year. There is always so much do to when the holidays come around, such as ice skating, shopping, and visiting the Christkindle Market. All of this racing around requires an outfit that is stylish but comfortable at the same time.

This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for running errands in the city. Her outfit colors are dark which is perfect for melding in with the city environment. She’s wearing a black, mid-waist utility jacket with a red and black patterned sweater underneath. I adore that her sweater seems simple at first but has cool details, like a lace-up detail on the front as well as a floral pattern on the chest.

Her leggings give the look a polished touch while still looking edgy. I absolutely love black leggings because they can be worn in so many ways and give an outfit a polished look. I especially love them in a different pattern for a more laid-back look. I’m sure everyone knows that combat boots are a Chicago staple, so these black ones are perfect for unexpected showers and treading through puddles.

To tie the look together, this Fashionista is wearing a maroon headband and a black choker. Winter is the perfect time to add dark reds, maroons, and browns to your accessory arsenal. Experiment with dark accessories by keeping the rest of your outfit simple.

Overall, this Fashionista looked exceedingly comfortable and cool at the same time. Her outfit has an urban grunge feel to it, which I really like and would also wear.