November and December in Arizona are wonderful gifts, after months of enduring sunburns, sweat marks, and the feeling of almost having a heat stroke, it is a relief to have these two months of cool 50 and 60 degree weather. This time of year gives Fashionistas and Fashionistos the chance to break out their cozy sweaters, long sleeves, favorite hoodies, and pants without having to worry about those embarrassing sweat marks and heat strokes.

For men, I would say that they have it easy when it comes to dressing for any season, they can throw on shorts and a T-shirt in five minutes and look extremely stylish and put together without having to really worry about their hair, putting on makeup, or finding perfect accessories.

I thought that this Fashionisto’s simple, classy, and clean style perfectly represented men’s winter fashion in Arizona. On top, he is strutting a plain red, half-zip turtleneck, which is not only an ideal color for the holiday season, but the zipper is perfect to zip up for extra chilly mornings, and to zip down just in case the temperature decides to climb a few degrees in the afternoon. On the bottom, he complements his red sweater with a pair of light gray dress pants, which would go perfectly with any other color that you decide to wear. For shoes, this Fashionisto chooses a pair of classic Sperry boat shoes in Sahara Leather.

Another great part of his look is his beard. Winter time is a perfect excuse for men to let their beards grow out, and it is an ideal finishing touch to any winter outfit. This Fashionisto is definitely taking advantage of this cold and cozy weather!