WHAT TO WEAR: Summer Sweaters

Now that the semester has officially started, we’re in a somewhat awkward transition period. The weather is starting to cool down some days, but other days it feels like the middle of summer. We’re also past the point of getting completely dressed up every day, but haven’t yet reached the time in the semester when it’s acceptable to roll out of bed and head to class.

But somehow this Fashionista has found a way to satisfy all of these requirements at the same time. By wearing a printed, sleeveless sweater dress she is warm in the morning, but is still cool in the afternoon when the sun comes out. The pattern of her dress is vibrant enough to attract attention, but subdued enough to not scream across the entire campus. The pockets on the front are unique additions that help break up the checkered print. Additionally, the navy blue trim around the edges helps give the dress a nice, finished look.

This Fashionista paired her sweater dress with some simple, pointed navy blue flats with bows adorning the top. Flats are great for walking around campus all day long without having to worry about the hassle of heels. Accessory-wise she wears a diamond pendant on a gold chain with matching dangling earrings. These help to make her outfit feel sophisticated. She completes her look with a white purse that perfectly compliments the detailing on her dress. Carrying a purse like this to class is great because not only is it big enough for all of your school work, but it also is perfect for anything else you might need throughout the day.