WHAT TO WEAR: Summer in Winter

WHAT TO WEAR: Summer in Winter

In Virginia, we are currently experiencing summer weather in the middle of winter. This is exciting news to most Fashionistas! This means short skirts and tank tops for everyone! I found this Fashionisto walking my campus earlier this month and he is one fabulous flower! This Fashionisto composed his outfits in thin layers. In this case, this Fashionisto is trying to convey a casual, but stylish look! From his blue jeans to his bomber jacket, this Fashionisto really knows his trends! His layers are just light enough to keep him cool in the warm weather but still is appropriate for the season.

From head to toe, this stylish Fashionisto emphasizes the contrast of colors. He carefully blends the colors of his outfits together in order to create a contrasting effect. The placement of the colors creates an eye-catching look. He started with a simple light-rose cotton T-shirt, then by adding an effect he placed a white with floral pattern button-down shirt on top. A jacket is a must in the winter, so he incorporated a pink embroidered bomber jacket to finish off it off.

Moving down, a brown leather belt is worn with a pair of light washed denim to contrast with the colors from his upper body. The denim is rolled twice, in order to showcase the fabulous pair of black leather shoes. Meanwhile, the colors contrast each other, there is also a lightness to it. The contrast is not overwhelming, but subtle, leaving it easy to look at and appreciate.

If you could not tell, this Fashionisto is a big Gaga fan! Wearing a rose gold Joanne necklace, he gently laid it on top of the cotton T-shirt to create a simple, but distinct look. Gold studs are worn under a burgundy floppy wool hat. It brings a pop to the Fashionisto’s facial features as the hat folds and creates a frame for his face. This Fashionisto can depict colors in a very clever way, and it is sure being appreciated by everyone on campus!