Most people love the summer season, but all have experienced those hot and humid days where you want to do nothing else but sprint to the nearest air-conditioned building! While we’re mainly focused on not melting from the blazing sunlight, we still need to make fashion choices that will be comfortable! Fashionistas/os, I’m talking about light colored and breathable materials that’ll be sure to not hold us back from tackling what should be some of your funnest days in the year!

The Fashionista above definitely knows how to not let warm weather hold her back from embracing the energy of summer! While walking around in 90 degrees and humid weather looking for someone with rad fashion, I couldn’t help but notice the big smile she had on her face! Her collared shirt that’s made of cotton and linen, two of the most breathable fabrics you can wear, is perfect for comfort. When paired with H&M shorts and her fabulous sunglasses, this Fashionista is set to tackle the hottest weather in a stylish, smart way.

Besides the obvious fact that this Fashionista’s outfit is a heat-friendly choice, it’s also perfect for those summer days when you’re up for anything and everything! The best summer memories I have are from spontaneous moments made with friends! The collar detail of her top sets a classy, more refined look to her outfit, while the shorts keep it casual. Because of this, she’d be able to rock any situation her and her friends find themselves in this summer.

The next time you come face to face with the heat of summer, be sure to follow this Fashionista’s lead and pay attention to the materials you chose to wear; breathable are best!

One Simple Change: This Fashionista could easily make her look perfect for a girl’s night out by swapping her shorts for this skater skirt from Lulu’s. There’s nothing that screams cute and fun more than a skirt with a fun, polka-dotted top! Plus, the skirt is polyester, which is breathable, lightweight and wicks away moisture and dries quickly. In simpler terms, basically, this skirt would be absolutely lovely for a fun night of dancing and catching up with all of the gals! For an edgier look, she could keep her Converse or trade them in for some classic red heels.