Let’s face it, when you’re out in the sun the first priority is to avoid melting. If you are anything like me, style can occasionally be sacrificed for the sake of cooling off. This Fashionista, however, knows how to look and stay cool.

Around this time of the year, Oregon weather can be a little moody. That being said, we naturally take full advantage of every sunny day we get. Summer day looks should feel comfortable and cute, and the skirt and crop top combination is a great way to achieve this goal. Once warm weather hits, it is easy to slip into a routine of tank tops, shorts and flip flops. This is especially true as the term wraps up and finals creep imminently closer. While fighting the urge is difficult, this Fashionista and I are here to testify that comfy dressing can also be painlessly fashionable!

The high-waist and crop top combo appears here to stay this summer, and this Fashionista shows how to execute the look perfectly. Mixing a floral print and lace texture creates great visual interest, while the buttons on the skirt make it stand out from the crowd. Details like these take a fairly simple look and transform it into something unique and attention grabbing. To complete the look, a great pair of braided sandals makes it easy to walk from the coffee shop to the farmers’ market with an iced coffee in hand.

Simple accessories and a beautiful shade of peachy-nude polish let the patterns of the outfit take center stage. The braided bracelet pairs with the sandals and gives a sense of cohesiveness. Although the outfit gives off an effortless, summer feel; it is apparent that just because the sun is out doesn’t mean a Fashionista can’t dress up.

One Simple Change: To take this look from a summer hangout to a girl’s night out, swap the sandals for your favorite pair of wedges!