It seems as though summer is waving in faster than you can pull out your short shorts and flip flops! With the beautiful sun and fresh air also comes the sticky, hot humidity and often trouble finding a fashionable outfit that’s easy to stay cool in. No need to fear, this Fashionista is here—to save your hot summer day!

This trendy Fashionista is living proof of the major comeback of a stylish romper this summer. Although she admits it is her first time dipping her toes into the romper world, she pulls the look off excellently. She aims to keep the look simple with black strappy sandals and only small accents to the already blossoming jumpsuit, with a basic brown waist belt and a delicate gold bangle.

Rompers really are a style’s best illusion. It’s like an outfit all in one! By either throwing on a simple monochromatic jumper and snazzing it up with some funky accessories, or following this Fashionista’s ideas and going for an already busy design and throwing on a few simple staple pieces for an effortless look, you will look like you really spent some time intricately planning your stylish ensemble (shh, nobody needs to know). The best part of it all, however, is how you will remain cool and comfortable on a hot summer day.

One Simple Change: When the sun goes down and the night scene comes out, try substituting the simple sandals with some comfortable wedges, and throw on a leather jacket to spice up the look for a night on the town.