Now, I know what you’re thinking. This is titled summer, but is this really a summer outfit? Well, here in Scotland, where the sun shines sometimes and the wind blows always, it definitely is. Summer has opened it’s arms to give us a glimpse of the weather to come (along with the Weather Network, for good measure) and what we see is a list of dreary conditions with more to come, but this doesn’t mean style must be sacrificed. When the sun is partially out and the wind and rain lurk on the horizon, the best way to get ready for the great outdoors is to use a little bit of ingenuity with some winter and spring pieces. Dress yourself for warmth, but with a little summery pop so that no one can mistake it for the season before. Remember: black is always in, no matter the season, so use that to your advantage!

This Fashionista knows just how to brave the Scottish summer with a simple, warm and summery outfit. The main piece in this outfit, the one that screams summer, is the crop top, which is complemented nicely by a pair of black trousers that show just a bit of skin—enough to keep the cold away while hinting at the season. The medium weight green trench adds a little bit of warmth while keeping the lines simple enough for the summer season. To accessorize, she wore ankle boots with cutaways that will keep her cool in the event of a warm spell, as well as a simple black backpack. Her sunglasses give the outfit a retro vibe while a group of simple statement rings add a bit of fun. From top to bottom, this Fashionista has it covered when it comes to making the most of a wardrobe for a chilly summer.

One Simple Change: To take this look from braving the North Sea Summer winds to braving the cold waters of a date night, simply change out the black trousers for a midi pencil skirt, and the night is yours!