Say goodbye to spring and hello to summer. With the ringing of the new summer season, comes much hotter days. The average Florida summer day temperature starts roughly at 90 degrees but, it feels like 100. Dressing for this season can be tumultuous, considering it is hard to produce a comfortable yet fashionable outfit, all while giving your body room to breathe. So toss your warmer clothes and grab a refreshing drink and let’s talk summer style.

I photographed this Fashionista at a local shopping center. She sports the perfect outfit for a relaxing yet chic summer day. On this toasty day, she is wearing a bright fuchsia crop top and boyfriend jeans. Accompanied by a Michael Kors bag in a pastel blue shade, a simple pair of sunnies and lastly, a pair of sandals, she is well accessorized. My favorite part of this look is her duel cross-body purse. Adding a simple touch of color to an outfit is a great way to add flare all while flaunting this season’s colors.

The summer season gives each Fashionista/o a chance to experiment with colored items and trends. Having a bright statement piece is a perfect way to tie the outfit together. Right now, I believe, the trending colors are bright fuchsia or pastel shades of blue, pink and purple.

One Simple Change: If you are going on the town with friends or even just a late summer dinner with family, changing the shoes on this outfit would create a more mature nighttime look. A simple shoe change can make a break your best summer outfit!