To say the weather in the Midwest is bipolar would be an understatement. Here, there is no such thing as putting your winter clothes away for the summer and June doesn’t always mean smothering hot temperatures, caking on the sunscreen and laying by the pool. Sometimes, it seems like the weather from every season will all be crammed into a single day. You might be feeling jeans and a jacket at noon, but by 3:00 p.m., you’ll be itching to slip into shorts and a tank top. When getting dressed for the day, the weather is something that everyone should take into account. Nobody wants to be caught in a crop top when it’s only 45 degrees outside, but you don’t want to be walking around with a huge sweat stain on your back either. Staying comfortable is key. Learning how to cope with fluctuating temperatures is a must-have trait for successful Fashionistas.

With no sunlight in sight, this Fashionista was more than prepared for the dreary, Missouri weather. She paired a neutral-colored jumpsuit with some modish, platform sandals for a summery look, but with no sunshine, the temperature was a bit chilly. She was able to stay comfortable, yet still attain her chic style by layering a flowing cardigan over top. This Fashionista also wore an edgy, statement headband to tie her outfit together. She stayed warm, but was prepared to remove the cardigan if the sun decided to make a surprise appearance. This Fashionista is definitely handling the inconsistent, summer temperatures like a champ!

One Simple Change: Tired of the forever changing weather and ready to travel somewhere tropical? Try slipping into a more colorful, patterned jumpsuit or romper for a more electrifying summer look.