We all know that with the many perks that come along with summer, there is definitely one thing that most people wouldn’t consider a perk especially down here in the South, which is…the heat!!! When you step outside during the summer in South Texas, it can feel like you’re walking right into a sauna! With the heat scorching down on you, you’ll definitely stay away for any type of layering, and go for clothing that will help you look and feel fresh!

As I was walking around campus, I spotted this Fashionista looking so effortlessly stylish. Her cute romper caught my eye immediately. Rompers have been on trend for the past couple of summers and this year is no different. This Fashionista said, “rompers are such a vital part to my wardrobe during the summer because they are super comfortable and keep me feeling fresh!”

Because the summer heat affects the way we dress, it also affects the way you accessorize. When it’s over 100 degrees outside, more than likely you’re not going to want to accessorize too much and instead just keep it simple, just like this Fashionista did. The accessories that this Fashionista chose to wear go great with her romper. By choosing to wear a cute simple necklace and with an embellished pair of earrings, it makes her outfit perfect for this weather!

Summertime is always fun, in terms of leisure and fashion. It’s a time where us as college students, get a break from school and get to have a little fun of our own. Like any Fashionista would agree, my idea of having fun would be shopping for the latest summer trends!

One Simple Change: You can easily transition this look for your next girl’s night out by simply throwing on your favorite pair of heels!