New York City is a great place to live, but unfortunately we only get great weather a few times a year. The rest of the months we are covered in layers and a winter jacket. Finally, a few days ago we got the weather that we all waited for. It was sunny and you could hear birds chirp while kids ran for the ice cream truck. The warm weather came right on time for the college students in New York that finished their finals. As for everything in life, nothing just happens on the spot. Before NYC gets uncomfortably hot (which is my favorite type of weather), it starts out sunny with winds that make the day more chilly than hot. This Fashionista shows us that we can enjoy the warm weather without freezing our butts off when the wind hits us during the day or night.

Neutral colors include black, white, gray and sometimes brown and beige which she incorporates in her outfit. There is something about neutral colors that screams out classic and sophisticated. It is always flattering when there is a pattern in the outfit and a solid color to complement it. This outfit would have been a basic neutral outfit if it had not been for her unique cardigan. This cardigan not only kept her from feeling chilly during the day, but it made her outfit pop. Unlike the popular cardigans with lace just in the back, this Fashionista had it on her upper back, her arms and in the front opening. The cardigan added a personal style.

Who says pencil skirts can’t look good on short girls? This Fashionista rocks it just right.   Pencil skirts are a great way to discover your curves that you did not know that you had and embrace them! They are a classic in an office setting but, luckily for us who do not work in a cubicle, pencil skirts are made with a vast of materials. This allows us to wear a pencil skirt in the club, out to brunch and to church. Another great thing about pencil skirts is that they can be found in most affordable stores.

One simple change: You spent the whole day soaking up the sun, so what’s next? Dinner to celebrate because you’re done with finals and your vacation has finally started! Add a pair of simple nude stiletto heels and go out to a fancy restaurant because you deserve it.