August 1st, 2016 at 2:06am

At long last, we can officially celebrate summer—after a stressful semester/quarter full of classes, tests and projects. We can fully appreciate this time of year with a well-deserved break full of relaxation. Plus for all fashion enthusiasts, this break also comes with the ability to truly dress for the season rather than donning the sometimes usual casual wear for class. We have no limitations since we have plans outdoors rather than just the classroom. It gives us time to incorporate all of the best trends meant for the current weather and occasion, and a place to actually show them off.

That’s why I absolutely loved seeing this Fashionista in a super stylish look featuring the biggest trends of the year. She maintains the perfect balance between California cool and runway chic, ideal for brunch, an outdoor concert or a fun day at the amusement park. Starting with the sweet off-the-shoulder blouse which has definitely become the essential top of the season. It also features the stripe trend in a simple and contemporary way. She paired it with ripped jeans which bring in the clean classic with an edge. She then makes the look ultra wearable by adding a denim jacket for both style and functionality during the breezier California hours. She then finished off the outfit with the intricate lace-up flats of the year in a sandy taupe. This Fashionista definitely knows her trends and how to incorporate them into a fresh reimagining perfect for the summer.

One Simple Change: Did your daytime get together run into the evening? Easily reinvent the look by switching the flats with heels and you’re ready for a fun girl’s night out.