Summer is the season many of us wait for all year long—longer days, warm nights, a break from school and fewer responsibilities. We look forward to festivals, carnivals, days at the beach and on the lake. The warmer weather means we can do more things outside, whether that means gardening, playing sports or camping. Summer is the season we all come alive to get a little bit more out of life.

Summertime is also hot and sweaty meaning being outside also it can be difficult to keep our pristine outfits neat and tidy. Whoever decided that wearing white in the summer was a practical choice in clothing did not live anywhere near farms and dirt roads nor busy cities with cars, buses and dirty pavement.

Getting dressed everyday in the summer should be effortless. Nothing is easier than being able to wake up in the morning, throw on the first pair of shorts and tank we see and run out the door for a day of sunshine and adventures. No one wants to spend hours putting an outfit together when a beautiful sunny day is calling. At the same time, we still want to look cute while we are out and about, even on the most sweltering days of the season. That brings up the dilemma: how to look cute and fashionable but be comfortable at the same time? In fact it IS possible to dress casually in the summer while still looking stylish and fun. The answer lies in picking easy comfortable pieces that mix and match well together and then accessorizing appropriately.

Take this cute Fashionista’s look for example. She pairs a simple sleeveless button down shirt with black shorts. The outfit is so easy and looks cool and comfortable for being outside in summer. Her bright green top gives a pop of color to her simple outfit like a cold, refreshing lime popsicle! On her feet, she has a pair of cute little boots, which are perhaps a more practical choice than dainty sandals for running around on the streets or exploring a forest. She finishes off the look by layering on some fun necklaces to give her look a bit of sparkle and personality.

This is such a simple but stylish outfit, which would take minimal time to put together in the morning. Opt for a chic backpack instead of a purse, and you’re ready to take on the day! A casual but cute outfit like this will have you feeling summery and fashionable all day, while still comfy enough to take on all the spontaneous fun and adventures of an everlasting summer.

One Simple Change: Want to keep the easy, breezy fashionable look going for back-to-school in September? For crisp but sunny days, when the weather starts to turn a tad cooler throw on a chunky knit cardigan over the top of the outfit to keep warm on those chilly fall mornings!