If you live in New York City or have been here during the summer, then you know how humid it gets. With the humidity comes the question, “What can I wear that will still look good even though i’m dripping in sweat?” Personally, the best thing to wear in this humidity is simple clothing with a pop of color or design.

This Fashionista pulled off this New York summer look by wearing a simple white button-up with patterned pants and shoes that matched the pants. Wearing the simple white button-up in this weather is perfect because it is light and easy to style. The patterned pants are the perfect pop to make this look stand out. Sneakers are the perfect shoes to wear in this bipolar New York summer weather because of the random rain showers.

To achieve this summer look, you will need a simple white button-up; you can do this sleeveless, short sleeve or long sleeve, it’s really up to you! Any patterned pants you have will work for this look. This Fashionista has on floral pants but you can do plaid, checkered, striped or whatever design your heart desires. With this look you can wear sneakers or you can wear sandals. To finish off this look you can use a backpack, this Fashionista used a two-tone Fjallraven Kanken that matched her overall outfit. The cool thing about the Kanken backpacks are that they are waterproof, so if you get stuck in random rain you know your things will stay dry!

One Simple Change: Just finished your summer internship and want to go out with some friends? Try switching the sneakers with a pair of black pointed high heels for a more polished look.