July 21st, 2016 at 2:00am

During those warm summer days, we’re all rocking those tanks and shorts that keep us cool. As the day turns into night what do you wear to that dinner outside with your friends? Like most summer nights, not all, it becomes cooler the later it gets. When thinking about what to wear on those colder summer nights to dinner or just hanging out, this Fashionisto knows how to nail it.

His outfit not only looks casual, but still put together. The long sleeve shirt pictured is a must-have staple for summer. It is light, but still warm enough for the cooler nights. The scoop hem on the shirt adds just enough to add a bit more detail. Urban Outfitters also has a few variations of this long sleeve that would be a great addition to your closet. Joggers are an awesome pant to pair with just about anything. These joggers in particular are easy to dress up or down in any circumstance. The olive green color adds some color to the look without making the outfit look too busy. Shoes are always one of the most important pieces to any outfit combination. When it comes to the shoes, he’s showing off these New Balances. I am completely obsessed with New Balances lately. These casual sneakers have been trending for a while. They are so ideal to pair with just about anything! To top off the outfit he has added a pair of sunglasses. These sunglasses have that edgy look with some great detail on them to make them stand out. This pair is from Aldo, although these appear to be out of stock as of now they have many similar styles. Even if its approaching night time it’s always a good an idea to keep some glasses on hand.

One simple change: So it doesn’t matter what you’re doing because this outfit can be dressed down or dressed up in just a matter of a shoe change. This look is casual, trendy and comfortable all at the same time. Now get dressed up and go enjoy your cool summer nights!