It’s mid July and the heat is blazing. When we think of summer, it’s vacations, pool party’s and of course the best of your wardrobe that you finally get to flaunt. Summer term at the University of Delaware isn’t exactly overpopulated, but I seemed to have the style gods with me for this one. While roaming around my ghost town of a campus, I was fortunate enough to spot a Fashionista who’s outfit I fell in love with. She possessed style, grace and the ability to pull a denim jacket off with the sweltering, hot sun beaming down on the both of us. You go girl!

One of the easiest pieces to sport in the summer is a romper. You have your bottom and you have your top-all in one. How simple is that? They offer a breezy and relaxed feeling that you can’t find anywhere else. This Fashionista definitely hit the nail on the head when she scored this piece from Banana Republic. The circular flower pattern on it is so unique and eye-catching with the colors mixing flawlessly together. Wait, did anyone else notice that it has pockets, too? So, it’s fashionable and functional. Okay, not something we all come across everyday in the world of style, but I’d say it’s a win!

I’m sure we can all agree when I say that sometimes a classroom can go from what feels like 100 percent humidity to Antarctic temperatures. It’s pretty much a guessing game each day you go. That being said, this denim jacket from Forever 21 is a summertime staple! If you don’t own one, I advise you change that ASAP! Denim anything is one of the hottest trends right now and this Fashionista clearly knows how to rock it. She is keeping it super casual, yet functional when those crazy classroom temperature changes occur.

Working our way down the outfit, we come across brown leather sandals. The silver detailed metal piece on this shoe gives it a little something extra. This Fashionista’s kicks are by Born. This brand is particularly known for having trendy shoes, but also providing a comfortable fitting sole. Do we see a trend here, people? This Fashionista’s look effortlessly speaks “creature of comfort” to me. Who can blame her? From her romper down to her classy sandals, we should all aim to mimic this look at some point this summer. I know I enjoy looking fashionable, but feeling comfortable.

One Simple Change: Right now, this look is charming and certainly ideal for attending a summer class. That doesn’t mean it’s not applicable for a fun girls night out though! What this Fashionista can do to achieve that is lose the jean jacket to show a little skin and pair her romper with some spunky heels! Like I’ve been rambling about, the pattern on this garment is already gorgeous so heels will make it perfect to rock out with her friends on the town.