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Summer is officially here! Now is the time for us Fashionistas/os to bust out our off-the-shoulder tops and shorts as the weather gets warmer. Black and red may not be the first colors that you think of when you think summer, but this Fashionista is definitely making it work.

Even though black is a color that draws in heat, an off-the-shoulder ruffled collar top helps you look cool and keep cool. The light and flowy material feels wonderful against your skin when it gets hotter, especially when the wind blows past you. Of course, the off-the-shoulder trend lets you show off your killer collar bones which is instantly slimming.

What caught my eye about this outfit was these amazing pair of shorts. Since this Fashionista’s top is nice and simple, her shorts are the true star of this outfit. The ornate pattern is very Middle Eastern. The sides of the shorts have a bit of the black background on it, creating a flattering and slimming effect on this Fashionista’s legs. Summer is the time to have fun and to explore your style, so try a pair of patterned shorts.

What else does a Fashionista need for the summer? Sunglasses. Sunglasses are extremely important for the summer season. Every Fashionista/o should invest in a good pair with a lot of UV protection; to protect their eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. They should also have a pair with flare. A pair of red framed sunglasses will help you stand out from the crowd. I loved that this Fashionista made sure to stay inside of her color palette of red and black by including a pair of red sunglasses. What’s great about her shades is that they don’t take away from those #RAD shorts. The sunglasses pick up the color from the shorts. Since the shorts are so busy, everything else in the outfit should be simpler in comparison. The bright red color helps to balance out the shorts at the bottom.

This Fashionista’s outfit wouldn’t be complete if she didn’t accessorize with fun statement rings. Wearing rings instead of a necklace won’t take away from your off-the-shoulder top. Rings are another way to bring a little bit of your style into an outfit and to add a little bit of color that doesn’t overwhelm everything else.

One Simple Change: To take this look from a summer day to a concert, switch out the black off-the-shoulder top with a sequinned crop top. You will be rocking all night long with your fabulous shorts and fun sparkly top.