As Fashionistas and Fashionistos, we strive to always put our best shoe forward. Sometimes that’s a challengei.e. when we just can’t bring ourselves to get out of bed or when it is so blistering hot outside that the inevitable sweat stains we’ll be donning are enough to discourage any sartorial efforts. However, the key to keeping your look cool even when humidity has reached its peak is by pairing down and sticking to minimal layers.

This Fashionisto illustrates summer dressing perfectly: A solid base, like a pair of chino shorts and a T-shirt, such as the ones donned here, will never fail you. These pieces are so easy they go together like Spencer and Heidi, sans cringe worthy couple name…like “Speidi.”

The ombré button-up that this Fashionisto chose to layer with added the perfect amount of stylish to spice up the look without heating it up too much; throwing on a casual chambray shirt or button-up to adds a bit of flare to the look without giving up its cool and breezy nature.

For accessories, it’s important not to overdress—sticking to simplistic pieces will keep the look cohesive. In this case, the pictured Fashionisto opted for a simple bracelet and a pair of Sperry Top-Siders for his accessorizing.

When it comes to summer dressing, it’s often tempting to go either one of two ways with your wardrobe: waving the white flag of fashionable defeat and opting for a tank top and cut-off shorts, or standing your ground and maintaining full-on level-100 dressing. However, by keeping your look stylishly simplistic, you get the best of both worlds while still beating the heat.

One Simple Change: Looking to dress this up for a night out? Keep the top half of the outfit, and switch out shorts a pair of dark wash denim jeans. For shoes, go for a classy brogue or loafer. You’ll maintain your effortless look while still keeping it cool for the hot summer.