With the official start of summer solstice rolling past us, seizing some fun in the sun seems like a better time than ever before. The more time spent poolside and soaking up the sun is a day well spent. Summer is one of the best fashion seasons, which is second to the holy grail of Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. Summer fashion is extraordinarily agreeable with retro fashion vibes.

This vintage-inspired ensemble is due with a major thanks to Cher on the cover of Time’s March 1975 issue. The ’70s were extraordinarily monumental to fashion, music and art. In my opinion, the 1970s was the most creative decade. As Cher said, “All of us invent ourselves. Some of us just have more imagination than others.”

Celebrities such as Lana Del Rey, Kendall Jenner and Kate Moss are embracing the ’70s flair. So, finding modern inspiration is a breeze. The highly fashionable ensemble is definitely giving the a blast from the past. For instance, this Fashionista’s black high-waisted bell bottoms are a major throwback, but they look chic as ever. Additionally, her knotted bandana scarf adds a more current trend to a retro outfit. The neckerchief complements this Fashionista’s off-the-shoulder knotted long sleeve. This look is strictly neutral, yet it is full of bold boho vibes. She styled her outfit with a pinch of minimalism sans accessories. So, be bold in ’70s chic style and dare to wear those flared bottoms.

One Simple Change: Keeping the ’70s in mind, this outfit is great for summer day or night. Easily transition from a summer’s day to a summer’s night out by throwing on a pair of open-toed platforms.