June 28th, 2016 at 2:00am

Summer is here my friends! You can really feel it in Georgia with temperatures already reaching around 100 degrees.  My Fashionista chose the perfect summer outfit that is trendy, which at the same time won’t cause her to have a heatstroke! Although she is wearing various trends at once, she styled her outfit in such a way where her key pieces would not compete with each other.

Thanks to adidas and Daniel (the Vine star), white shoes will remain a staple in many Fashionista/o’s closets’ for many seasons to come.  Here, my Fashionista has her favorite pair of white Keds that yell, “summer is here!”  It adds flare to her minimal look and makes her light denim vest pop.

Nothing compliments white shoes like denim does; this Fashionista decided to double up on the denim with contrasting shades. Denim is always timeless. It may come and go on the runways but throughout the streets of your city, you’ll always find someone rocking the denim-on-denim look effortlessly.

In most parts of the country, many are fortunate to have your summers without humidity. However, humidity may have its beneficial factors it does not benefit anyone’s hairdo. This Fashionista found a perfect solution: A baseball cap!  Her Atlanta Braves hat gives the outfit an everyday casual feel, while keeping her from turning into Ms. Frizzle.

Her bold red lip and the statement necklace upgrades the simplicity of her outfit. This whole ensemble is wearable for many occasions: going to class, running errands or lollygagging with your gal pals around town.

One Simple Change: Meeting up with your posse after running errands? Ditch the white sneakers in exchange for a pair of tan chunky heels and bam! You’ll be ready to hit the town.