Oh summer, how I love thee. The time of the year where the weather is warm and the days last forever. Whether it be taking day trips to the beach or dancing the night away, the adventures never seem to stop when all your friends are home from college, .

Clad in sundresses and sandals, summer attire has you equipped for whatever life throws at you that day. The art of a perfect summer outfit is that it’s comfortable and chic, but can be easily worn for a multitude of occasions. This Fashionista’s outfit captures the essence of a look that is versatile but still stays true to her own style.

One of the most popular trends for an on-the-go look is the T-shirt dress. They are seen in stores ranging from oversized to fitted to everything in between. Comfortable and easy to throw on they are definitelty summer’s perfect piece. This Fashionista’s short sleeve T-shirt dress was perfect for a hot and humid day. What I loved about her choice of dress was that it was sophisticated, yet simple enough to dress either up or down for whatever occasion came her way.  With this trend you can really make the look your own by personalizing it in a way that fits your style, while feeling comfortable at the same time.

She chose minimal accessories to pair with her outfit. Her “B” necklace provides the perfect amount of unique charm that really personalizes a look and makes it one’s own. She wore lace tennis shoes which are great for adding a touch of delicacy for summer adventures that can get a little messy.

One Simple Change: Scored tickets to Beyoncé’s formation tour (I wish)? Transform this outfit to a night concert look by adding a cropped denim jacket to provide a little warmth for the night breeze. Switch the sneakers out for some lace-up gladiator sandals and you’re good to go.