WHAT TO WEAR: Summer Style

Breathe! It’s finally summer and the stress of finals and making it to class on time is over (just for a few months). Laughing children, decedent cold ice cream and the warm sands of the nearest beach; what’s there not to love about summer? I’m pretty sure Fashionistas worldwide can use this well-deserved break.

During a season characterized by a temperature that just won’t stop rising, summer can be difficult to dress for. Flipping through my closet on a sweltering summer day, I often dream of strutting around in my birthday suit to avoid a heat stroke (but I’m sure my mother wouldn’t approve), and as a Style Guru I have to find other solutions for beating the heat besides literally bearing it all.

Residing in Virginia means there’s a constant battle with the weather: it’s either raining, freezing or burning hot, making it difficult for a girl to know what to put on! Having light pieces that can be taken off/put on makes life a heck of a lot easier during a weather roller-coaster. Some of my favorite high-temp pieces consists of maxi skirts/dresses, high-waisted shorts and halter tops

Strolling through Downtown Hampton I noticed this college cutie demonstrating her summer style very well. This Fashionista sported a high-neck crop tank top that works amazingly for beating the heat. She also showed off her luscious legs with a floral mini skirt paired with some favorite black flatform sandals. Flatforms (a play on “platforms”) are totally in this summer as a stylish-yet-comfortable shoedefinitely make sure you pick up a pair to stay on-trend this season. Overall, this Fashionista’s look is the perfect balance between comfortable and fashionable.

One Simple Change: To take this look from a midsummer’s day to the classroom, you could simply throw on an open-knit or a solid kimono cardigan to keep it more campus-friendly, and/or throw on a hobo bag to hold your books. Either way, stay golden this summer while displaying your RAD style!