June 17th, 2016 at 2:00am

As summer returns, so do those lifelong traditions that we’ve held onto since childhood. Whether it’s backyard barbecues, the annual block party or watching sunsets on the boardwalk, you can only wear a maxi dress so many times. It’s not that a maxi dress isn’t unbelievably comfortable, because it most certainly is. Also, we can’t forget about our beloved pair of jean shorts either. But with all nostalgic feelings aside, there comes a time when we want to freshen up our closets and revamp our style. 

As hard as it is to break away from our most loyal summer pieces, it’s time to say hello to your new, wardrobe bestie—the knit mini dress.

Although knit dresses seem pretty simple, especially in neutral or pastel shades, there are plenty of ways to touch them up for any weekend activity. Plus, they’re affordable for college students. If you’re heading to brunch or dinner on the bay, this Fashionista has you covered. Strictly sticking to gold jewelry, her Michael Kors watch and double strand necklace add flair to her outfit. By pairing her accessories with wedges and bright pink nail polish, she instantly transforms her look from plain and flat to classy and chic. 

If you’re anything like me and silver is your thing, fear not! You can totally go for that scheme instead. Swap this Fashionista’s sandal wedges for a black pair to highlight and complement the silver.

This summer, a knit mini dress will definitely be added to my beach vacation essentials. There are few better things than ending the day in a laid back outfit with an ice cream cone covered in rainbow sprinkles in hand.

Whatever your summer plans are, trade in your flip flops and swimsuit for a knit minidress to show off that tan, and spice up your summertime selections! 

One Simple Change: So, you just scored tickets to see your favorite artist perform at an outdoor venue. Transition this summer outfit for a concert, by pairing your dress with a leather jacket and booties which will take your look from polished to grunge. Plus, these alternatives serve a dual purpose. They’ll protect you from the cold once the sun goes down, and make your outfit edgy and original.