June 10th, 2016 at 2:00am

For some reason, whenever I am finishing school and starting summer vacation, the song, “What Time Is It?” from High School Musical 2 pops into my head. No shame though—it’s super catchy and a total summer anthem for our generation.

The movie, in my opinion, is a good model of how we should all be spending our summers: though a lot of the main characters had to work at Sharpay Evan’s country club, they still made the most of summer during their free time. In college, we’re on to bigger and better things we have to do in the summer. Many of us are spending our days working, interning or taking summer classes. And, although we are leading busy and productive lives now, we still have to make time to take a break and have some fun in the sunkind of like what the characters in High School Musical 2 did during their breaks at the Evans’ country club.

Speaking of having fun in the sun, this Fashionista is wearing the perfect outfit for taking a day to relax and enjoy all that summer has to offer. This outfit definitely has a bohemian feel, with the recurring theme of black giving it a classic touch. Her colored, patterned soft shorts (very flowy and perfect to wear on a hot day), lighten the outfit up and give its neutral theme a little twist.

This Fashionista also paired her shorts and back shirt combo with a floppy hat and oversized sunglasses to top it off. Those two accessories especially are an absolute must for any day spent in the sun (you can’t forget to protect your head and eyes)! Finally, she accessorized by layering three simple gold necklaces that were dainty and added extra hints of simplicity and class to the outfit. From head to toe, she looks like she is ready for spending a day down at the beach with some friends. Yes, this Fashionista is ready for a RAD day of summer relaxation, and her outfit is definitely turning some heads!

This is a perfect outfit for a sunny day off from work, interning and other young adult responsibilities. Something even Sharpay Evans herself would approve!

One Simple Change: To take this outfit from day to night, just swap the sunglasses for a cropped jean jacket. You’ll be ready to hit the town with your girls or go for a romantic dinner with your sweetheart.