As a fashion student, there’s always some sort of pressure to look good no matter what you are doing. During the summer in New York City, many times it can get really frustrating to go from one place to another because of the heat. Because of this, dressing for the occasion really does matter.

It’s important to make sure you are always feeling comfortable in what you wear. Fashion is all about personal expression; if you do not feel yourself through the clothes you wear, simply change them. “It’s difficult for me to dress for the summer sometimes,” this Fashionista states. “Everyone expects you to wear bright colors, but I just don’t feel like myself in it. People only associate the darker shades of colors with the cold seasons.” To still keep her style even during the summer, she wears more casual wear in black. Her clothes give off a very laid-back look, allowing her to comfortably move from place to place in the city. With a hint of brightness through her accessories, she is able to be in the summer mood while still maintaining her aesthetic. For example, the white color from her combat boots definitely stands out, but because the shoelace is still black, it creates a nice transition from her clothes to the shoes. Her backpack, also a white cream color, has flower patterns for the summer season. “I think the overall outfit is still me. I feel comfortable in it,” she states.

One Simple Change: This outfit can definitely be worn for another occasion. With its simple, black look, this look can be worn for your internship. For the pants, however, make sure to go for a more professional look. Perhaps a pair of long, black trousers will do the job.