The days are long. The leaves are green. The Atlantic Ocean feels like warm bath water off the coast of Charleston. I guess it’s safe to say it’s still summer. So before you start dusting off your college storage or stop by the back to school sales with your roommate, you should make like Sheryl Crow and “Soak Up the Sun.” Now is the time to soak up the season and give some of your favorite summer outfits a final run through! Need a little sweet summer inspiration? I’ve got just the thing for you.

A good summer outfit not only looks street cool but keeps you feeling cool. To anchor down such an outfit, start with a flowy dress. Summer is about mixing it up, so break the mold and skip the floral patterns. Everyone and their mother owns a floral maxi dress. Instead, find a flirty circle dress and rock on with an army-approved green dress. The olive green sundress this Fashionista is wearing plays well off of her lightly tanned skin and makes her brunette features jump out. While at first this dress seems simple, this Fashionista keeps her style fresh by complementing her look with zipper detailed booties and a modern, minimalistic black cross-body purse. Both are essential when navigating the lengthy stretch of King Street, or any outdoor, downtown shopping strip. Needless to say, this girl can just as easily scurry through the crosswalk juggling a carrier of coffee or navigating the dance floor in the busy night clubs clattering with summer fun. But wait, you ask, isn’t this outfit too daytime for clubbing or a night out with the girls? Well, why don’t we try to fix that!

One Simple Change: For starters, either take out the ponytail and let your tresses loose, or (for those of you who tend to sweat on hot summer nights) keep the pony and add a saucy braid. Now that your hair is worthy of the night, you can decide to add on or switch it up. If want a simple switch, grab a bodycon dress with glittering details and some rings; if you want to add on, try a shiny, thin belt to cinch the dress and a thick, silver necklace to elevate the style. Then stack your wrists with bangles and watch heads turn while you’re dancing the night away.