July 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

Now in the midst of summer, you probably have a pretty good system going on. You remember from last summer how to navigate through the constantly changing weather. In one day it can go from intense humidity and thunderstorms to beautiful sunshine and rainbows in minutes. I will never understand it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionably prepared. I’ll always be in favor of a simple look, but one that has some form of surprise, whether it’s a pop of color, an accessory or a pattern. This Fashionista is my kind of girl with her shockingly bright shorts.

From her simple white blouse to her comfortable TOMS and lastly with her pop of color shorts, this look screams summer done easy. It’s not over the top and it’s comfortable too, what else do you need? Neutrals are the perfect go-to when looking to pair something with a colored or patterned piece. You never want to overwhelm your look with too much color, patterns or accessories. I love experimenting with style and trends, including crazy accessories, but I also love balance. When you find the right happy medium of the two, then you’re good to go. Simple and clean accessories can also help to achieve balance and an overall summery look.

One Simple Change: Summer is the perfect time to head to outdoor concerts, but I always find dressing for such an event easily becomes a dilemma. Have no fear! Transform this Fashionista’s warm, balanced look into an attire for a fun evening out. Throw on a denim jacket to keep warm and switch out the comfortable flats for a more daring pair of sandals, like some cute wedges. You’ll be good to go and will still be sporting a balanced look with a pop of color.