Florida is sunny all year-round, but the summers are especially a time for dressing to beat the heat. It gives ladies a chance to wear all of their whimsical dresses and boho-chic rompers, all while experimenting with their own personal style. Fashionistas spend their days at the beach, by the pool and roaming around the mall, of course! This Fashionista sported an adorable blue floral mini dress while window shopping and planning her outfits for fall sorority recruitment.

This Fashionista paired the airy dress with classic brown sandals that had the perfect amount of gold detailing. While they are not plain and boring, they still allow the main focus of the outfit to be on her dress. They accent the dress, instead of taking attention away from it. She followed the mantra “less is more” with her jewelry by wearing a simple stone pendant. In addition to being a great silhouette, it shows off her gorgeous summer tan from all of those beach days, which is further accented by her trendy white nail polish. It is a great base for any summer look, and the dress itself is super versatile. She could easily wear it to a weekend brunch with her family by swapping the sandals out for ballet flats, pendant necklace out for a strand of pearls and adding a white cardigan. It is a great look for summer because it is casual but totally cute, light and fit for summer heat.

One Simple Change: Unfortunately, it is not an endless summer and the fall academic semester is quickly approaching us. You could easily transform this look from summer to fall by adding a classic light-wash denim jacket and swapping out the sandals for a simple, but stylish pair of neutral wedge booties. If you live in a sunny state and it is too hot to wear a jacket in fall, you could add a set of layered necklaces or a statement piece!