I spotted this Fashionisto strolling through Central Park, and he was more than ready to hit the streets of New York in more than just a fashionable way. He hit the city with an outfit more than fit for the season. He mixed summer colors and tones to create an ensemble that will leave you asking about tips. 

Skinny, fitted white jeans are one of the best staples for summer, and they are ones to keep ready to pull out of your closet. They are the most versatile pants you can mix and match with any outfit. Pairing these pants with a sleek bright capri blazer really gives your outfit a more polished look. What I love about this blazer is its color. It screams summer and pulls all the attention for a sleek look. Simply pair this blazer with a slim fit long sleeve shirt that leaves a sharp impression. 

If you’re going to dress the part, accessorizing with the right pieces is always a must. Watches are always in style and finding the right one won’t have to cost you much either! Do your research, and I’m sure you’ll find the right watch to style into most your outfits. More importantly, shoes are a great way to show off your unique shoe taste and style. Leather oxford shoes can pull the outfit together in a stylish but charming way.

One Simple Change: If the weather is too hot, you can quickly switch out your pants for a pair of comfortable, casual shorts that still keeps your outfit looking fashion-forward.