Sadly, August is just about coming to an end. How did that even happen? If you’re one of the lucky ones that are back at school again, I envy you, but if you’re like me, there’s still a couple more weeks before I can return to the place I really consider home, in Providence. But since I’m still currently residing at the Jersey shore, it’s still summer for me and for everyone else that calls this place home all year round. So if you’re a guy, and you still haven’t quite figured out how to dress for summer, you’re a bit late and there may be no hope at all, but this post is for you.

Today I spotted this Fashionisto strolling around town and personally was just drawn to his shirt. I love when guys aren’t afraid to experiment with color, and summer is the best time to do so. He is wearing a striped blue, gray, green and white short-sleeved button-up. The blue and green, and even the white, really pops against his impressive summer tan. Don’t be too jealous though; he is a lifeguard at one of the beaches, which is basically cheating. The shirt, along with his Nike SB sneakers really gives his whole look a surfer/skater kind of vibe, and at the shore that really is the all-around vibe you get. Because his top is so colorful, he chose to do a neutral colored jean, so that more emphasis is placed on the shirt.

One Simple Change: So if you’re not a Jersey shore local, and don’t think it’s appropriate to wear summer clothes all year round, you may want to switch things up for fall. A simple thing to change would be your top. As much as I love the bright colors for the summer, chose something with rich darker colors for the fall, like maroon for example, and turn the short sleeve to a long sleeve. This will immediately take your look from one season to the next.