July 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

Summertime is where the living is easy so Pittsburghers are trying not to dwell on the fact that it has rained for the past two weeks. This particular Fashionista took a stand to the bad weather and decided not to sulk in Soffe shorts and a T-shirt. Her cute style can brighten up any rainy day, especially with her bright white crop top from Macy’s. The coolest thing about fashion is how people choose to wear clothes to express themselves.

From head to toe this Fashionista has a black Michael Kors’ cross-body bag from Macy’s and a cute but edgy crop top from Bar III and acid washed shorts from Forever 21. The simple dark blue earrings add the perfect touch to her unique style. She told me the story of her green wrap around bracelet and how it supposed to bring wisdom to her life. Her friend got it for her as a present and she wears it everyday.

It is easy to get in the habit of dressing comfortably when you have not seen the sun in weeks, but it is still summer so try to nip that habit in the butt. We can only wear crop tops and shorts for so long until the chilling winter comes back to haunt us. Embrace your style and never compare it to others, that is something this Fashionista does so well.

One Simple Change: It would be simple to make this outfit into a day to night look by exchanging the shorts for a cute high-waisted black skirt. To dress it up even more for a night on the town, you could add colorful heel sandals. Pull a color from the crop top and find shoes that match and you could have a very eye catching outfit.