July 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

The dead of summer is beginning to set in with the sun shining bright and beaming down us in full force. Whether you’re in a hot, sticky city like New York or Chicago or by the water in Los Angeles or Miami, we all have one thing in common: it’s summer and our main focus is being cool and comfortable while still looking decent. For those days long days when all we need is to look presentable, we can often opt for the easy outfits like cropped jeans and a simple top. However, I feel like there is nothing more cool and comfortable than a fun, flowing summer sundress paired with a simple pair of flat sandals.

This Fashionista exemplifies the look perfectly. Her blue and white tie-dye shift dress is ideal for those ridiculously hot summer days. It is loose fitting and lightweight, which adds to the comfort level and the tie-dye pattern is always a fun and trendy look for summer. What I love the most are the Fashionista’s sandals. They are flat with a cushioned bottom and have stretchy black straps. They are simple, cute and super comfortable for those days when you’re constantly on your feet. She keeps her accessories to a minimum with a dainty gold necklace and large blue drop earrings that match perfectly with the blue in her dress. She is definitely ready to take on the dog days in style!

You will not regret investing in a few casual, loose fitting summer dresses like this one. They will surely come in handy!

One Simple Change: Had a long day and remembered that tonight is date night? Throw on a pair of wedges or flashier sandals and you will step up your look from an all-day summer style to a perfect date night ensemble.