July 14th, 2015 at 2:10am

When the sun and good weather comes out, so do the various clothing staples for the summer! It’s pretty easy to stick to a summer uniform, as there are not many things to wear during this season. Some girls stick to a T-shirt and shorts, while guys pretty much rock the same thing. From dresses to tank tops, everyone is just trying to stay cool in the high degree weather! It all depends on how you rock all of the pieces and make them your own. You can stick to the basics, but make sure they have a unique sense of flavor to overall.

With that being said, we all know the trend of flower headbands, and this Fashionista gave us life with the flowing curls and outfit to boot that looks just as great. From festivals to the beach, flower headbands seem to always be a sign that either basics are near, or it’s summer! I think I am going to go ahead and say that it’s the latter. Flower headbands give a very refreshing and light look, which is what makes a look even more dewy and whimsical! Even though the flower headband is a trend that many girls attempt to try, the execution of the look is most essential. This Fashionista slipped on a mint blue waterfall dress and the pairing is just absolutely gorgeous. Despite being a bit on the short side, the dress elongates her legs and draws you more into how statue-esque she looks. Another key point is to wear clothing modestly, but comfortably as well!

The big bug shades were also cute and made the Fashionista look a bit glamorous with her look. She was giving major slayage and a whole new level of fabulous. As well, the bejeweled sandals are just gorgeous. They tied the whole outfit together and managed to fuse all of the colors she had used in her ensemble in those pair of sandals.

One Simple Change: To make it more of a night summer look, go for a pair of jean shorts and tuck in the front of the dress, get rid of the flower headband, and try on some heels with a nice clutch! You’ll be able to rock the boardwalk with that look!