In the morning, as temperatures begin to climb, more people dress for comfort in the hopes of keeping cool throughout the day. However, this does not mean that they should sacrifice style or professionalism in their places of work. Some New Yorkers dress in linen or cotton because they are breathable fabrics. Many women wear culottes or midi skirts so they stay on trend and are office appropriate. Conservative companies expect men to wear suits, which can easily make them overheat. So, how should men dress for the office?

Recently, businesses have changed their policies on office attire. They have forgone the traditional suits and blazers of the Mad Men era. These are more casual times, therefore more offices are opting for business casual looks, especially in the summer. This is a trend that many designers have noticed and addressed in their recent shows. A casual interpretation of suits was a key trend found in the spring 2016 menswear shows. Many runway shows such as Dior Homme and Burberry Prorsum exhibited this casual take on suiting. The Dior show featured models in camo prints and zippered trousers, but mixed them with elements of traditional business suits.

This Fashionisto has caught onto this dapper trend early. Here he is found on his lunch break from his new job on campus. He wears a suit jacket, a button-down shirt, trousers and leather dress shoes. Although this Fashionisto does not wear a traditional suit, his outfit maintains an air of professionalism with the suit jacket and leather shoes. He keeps it casual by omitting the tie and mixing different colors for the jacket and trousers. This outfit is appropriate for summer due to his incorporation of lighter colors such as his pair of khaki trousers and a bright blue checkered shirt.

One Simple Change: This outfit is perfect for summer and for work however, only a few changes are needed to make it appropriate for a family brunch. One change could be to take off the jacket and change the shirt to a casual button-down. However, since this outfit is relatively causal already, the dress shirt can be swapped for a printed T-shirt for a more modern twist.