July 10th, 2015 at 2:00am

As we enter into July, the temperature in the desert continues to rise to even more excruciating highs. Fashion tends to be thrown out of the window and college students reach for oversized T-shirts and workout shorts to help cope with the heat. Sandals are switched for sneakers and we look at our makeup bags and think, “Forget it. It’ll just melt off of my face anyways.” I can’t blame them, though. We’ve all been victims of the intense heat of the summer that offers no relief. The sun seems to become hotter. The rays shine brighter and clouds are absent from the sky. We can’t beat Mother Nature, so why should we even try?

A true Fashionista doesn’t let a little sun keep her from shining brighter. The first way that this Fashionista beat the heat was by wearing a gray, side-slashed crop top. She paired her totally adorable top with high-waist denim shorts from American Apparel. My favorite aspect of this Fashionista’s ensemble is her white, lug sole jelly sandals. Although they are considered a fashion no by most, this Fashionista has managed to pull the style off with ease. Even if you’re not a fan of jelly-style sandals, you have to admit that lug sole bottoms are an adorable fashion trend that’s here to stay. Her outfit was completed with a large black tote and a bare face. After all, it’s just going to melt off anyways, right?

With so many fashion outlets and styles available, Fashionistas and Fashionistos everywhere have run out of excuses for wearing oversized T-shirts and workout shorts. The moral of this story is this—don’t let a little sun beat your fashion sense. Instead, battle unforgiving weather with absolutely adorable style.

One Simple Change: As the seasons change, we are often faced with an uncontrollable environment of ever-changing weather. So as summer moves into fall, simply throw a cute cardigan in your tote. Now you’re able to face the heat of the day and the cool temperatures of the night all the while keeping yourself both comfortable and stylish.