Howdy Fashionistas! I hope everyone is coping well with this crazy summer heat! Speaking of which, sometimes it is extremely difficult to pick out a proper outfit for this weather. There is nothing worse than being overheated under the sun and profusely sweating in the wrong clothes. So this week I am giving you Fashionistas some tips on how to dress for these high temperatures so you can still enjoy yourselves under the sun in style.

Whenever it is blazing hot outside, we all tend to lean towards shorts. Don’t get me wrong, shorts and skirts are always a foolproof choice for the summer, but sometimes denim shorts are restricting and uncomfortable when you are outside and sweating. If you wear spandex underneath your short skirts for extra protection, those make wearing skirts even more uncomfortable when you are sweating. So I always advise you to choose more flowy fabrics like chiffon and cotton. When it comes to actually choosing what to wear, the best choice is either non-restricting skirts or dresses. Skirts and dresses that are flowy will allow your skin to breath and are therefore comfortable enough to wear in high 90 degree weather. Most importantly, you want to pick dresses and skirts that are longer in length, either “midi” or “maxi.” These longer lengths will allow you to skip the spandex step without having to worry about showing any extra skin.

This Fashionista did an excellent job dressing herself for the heat by choosing a printed, chiffon maxi skirt with slits on either side. She paired her flowy maxi skirt with a blue, cropped turtleneck top for extra comfort. The chiffon material of the skirt and the cotton material of the top create an excellent contrast without overdoing the ensemble. To keep those feet comfortable and cute, she wore a pair of chestnut, strappy sandals that match her large, chestnut tote. Topping off the whole look is a well-fitting, brown sunhat to protect her face from the scorching sun, making this look the perfect outfit for the summer.

I hope these tips will help you Fashionistas stay cool inside and out. Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen and your rad sunglasses, and I will see you all next week!

One Simple Change: Planning on jamming out to some music at a concert? Switch out that maxi skirt for your favorite pair of dark wash, high-waisted denim jeans. Throw on a pair of heeled ankle booties and you are good to go!