Summertime calls for summer vacation and summer school but, most importantly, summer orientation! It is that time of year again when freshmen flood campus excitedly exploring everything that they will see in the fall. Dressing to impress for their peers, many of them are bringing out their best summer looks.

This freshman Fashionista is at the top of her game and ready to break heat in this coming semester. She goes for a simple look by dressing up a classic black and white ensemble. What sets this outfit apart are the patterns and textures among the shirt and shorts.

For this look, she wears more than a simple white shirt but a nice mildly off-the-shoulder lace textured top. The top also has spandex stretch ability at the top, which makes it easier to play with the look. The spandex can result in a one shoulder out more than the other look, or it being higher or lower on the arms.

Two textures do not always go together but a pattern with a texture can be just right. Her shorts fit this bill, with a white pattern on black. She has also added a dash of color in with beige sandals, a light blue and purple necklace and both gold and silver jewelry.

One Simple Change: Had a busy day but you have plans later with your friends? Well it only takes one simple switch to take this summer look to an outfit for a girl’s night out. Let’s switch shorts to a midi skirt, which will give a sleek and sexy look to this outfit.