If I could wear sweaters all the year around I would as I have quite the collection of vintage sweaters that are my go-to for any outfit. One of my college courses this summer semester is knitwear, and in this class we are learning the ins and outs of machine knitting. It is a remarkable process that takes time and demands patience and skill. This may seem like an odd course to be taking during the summer, but it has definitely furthered my love of knits.

As you can imagine, wearing knits in the summer can be a bit tricky. When thinking of knitwear, one usually pictures warm cozy sweaters that are prefect for those cool fall/winter seasons. Perhaps this is why I am so drawn to this Fashionistia’s cool and casual summer outfit. Her lightweight knitted top is cozy yet breezy, which is great for the summer weather and the pale blueness of her top complements her slim fitted boyfriend jeans with a cute rolled cuff. Rolling the cuff of her pants helps accentuate her metallic platform sandals. I adore these shoes as they definitely add a bit of shimmer and shine to this otherwise simple outfit.

By keeping accessories simple and understated, this Fashionista lets her outfit and shoes do the talking. A dainty gold necklace with a feather charm is…well, absolutely charming to say the least. She also wears a small and delicate gold nose ring that helps highlight her facial features.

One Simple Change: Translating this look for a cold weather day is a snap by simply wearing a turtleneck underneath a knitted top will allow you to create a trendy layered look that will keep you warm and cozy. Plus if you don’t’ want to ditch the platforms completely, just garb a pair of socks in a fun color or print as doing this will allow you to keep both your shoes and your toes. It’s a win-win situation.