For the last couple of years, “stealing” your boyfriend’s jeans has been a hit trend. Celebrities have dawned this look including: Jessica Alba, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. It is definitely an easy summer “do,” yet can sometimes be missed by dressing too much like your boyfriend. Unlike some, this Fashionista has it down to a tee.

One new trend that has changed from previous summers is that boyfriend jeans now have rips in them. This Fashionista’s jeans have the perfect amount of ripping to keep it cute and girly. More ripped boyfriend jeans can lead you down the “grunge” route which will be an entirely different post on its own.

The key to rocking a pair of boyfriend jeans is you need to incorporate more simplistic pieces into your outfit. For example, this Fashionista wore a white crop top to add a more feminine vibe to her boyfriend jeans. She is showing a little midriff to catch the eye, yet keeps it classy with her baggy jeans.

The nice part about boyfriend jeans is that you have almost no limitations to the color shirt or shoes that you wear. This Fashionista incorporates some color with her shoes. Her dark green wedges keeps this outfit safe and casual for a summer day. The lower heel makes them more comfortable to walk in, in case she is planning on a city stroll.

The fun part about this outfit is that she ties it together with a dark plum lipstick, which complements her dark heels. Overall, with the incorporation of feminine pieces along with her baggy boyfriend jeans create the perfect summer outfit.

One Simple Change: For a nice travel look, you can change out the wedges for a pair of sandals to make your plane ride that much more comfortable.