I truly believe that maxi dresses possess superpowers. It’s a simple summer staple that effortlessly defies all fashion barriers. The maxi dress can be casual and dressy, comfortable and cute, effortless while giving an illusion of effort, simple and versatile…and if all that wasn’t good enough, a maxi dress also helps you stay cool in the summer heat. Have I convinced you of its superpowers yet? If not, maybe this Fashionista can.

The vibrant colors and unique pattern of this Fashionista’s maxi immediately caught my eye. The loop in the front of the dress and the powerful print make her maxi stand out from the rest. She proves the versatility of the maxi by wearing it to a special event and then to shop and run errands. Her look is perfect for surviving the warm weather and for staying comfortable throughout the day. She pairs her maxi dress with braided flip flops and rocks a cute, short hairstyle that is perfect for summer.

If you don’t already have a few maxi dresses in your closet, it won’t be hard to find one perfect for you. Recognizing its greatness—almost every store carries this summer staple, so just pick the print and style that strikes you and maxi-mize your summer! Being a huge advocate for comfort, this trend is definitely a favorite of mine, and one I hope never gets maxed out (sorry for the cheesy puns).

One Simple Change: To help your day reach its max, take your daytime look to night. Exchange the flip flops for heels or wedges, and add a nice jacket or sweater.