Summer is full of fun events: art festivals, concerts and nights in the city are endless. Also endless are the outfits you can wear. This Fashionista chose to wear a gorgeous blue dress paired with a cardigan and simple bracelet. Here in Pittsburgh, the weather can be pretty unpredictable. It’s definitely important to have a cardigan or some sort of jacket with you when you’re going out. I caught this Fashionista on a nice day, which was surprising since we’ve had rain for almost two weeks straight. The best thing about this cardigan is the short sleeves that make it more appropriate for summer. The fringe detail adds to the style of this outfit and has been trendy for quite a while now.

Overall, this minimalistic look is perfect for the summer season. When you are out and about at local restaurants or shops and moving around a lot, sometimes it can be a bit inconvenient to be wearing a lot of accessories that can get in your way.

One Simple Change: Summer is about half way over and that means we are approaching our fall semester of college. This look can easily transition into a fall outfit. The first step to create a fall outfit would be switching out the sandals for tall boots. You can also opt for a long sleeve cardigan instead of short sleeves and if you want to keep the fringe detail you can add a scarf! These simple changes will allow you to wear your favorite summer dress for a few more months.