Jean shorts, sandals and a light fabric top are the three essentials that you can always find me wearing during the summertime. These pieces are a great go-to outfit for the warm summer months. Each article of clothing is extremely versatile and can easily become dressy by adding a pair of heels, jeans or a leather jacket.

I love this Fashionista’s ensemble because of the effortless, casual and cute look. Her entire look is from American Eagle Outfitters and is perfectly paired. The flowy, beige strapless top is perfect for any summer day. If the weather is hot, you can wear the shirt without a jacket, highlighting the geometric white pattern on her shirt. Also, you cannot forget about the opening on the back, making this shirt a little fun and flirty. If the weather starts to become chilly, pair this shirt with a denim jacket. The light wash, no-hem shorts is an excellent choice because they do not take your eye away from the shirt. Her white studded purse is aesthetically pleasing with the two colors of studs: silver and gold. Now, you can’t forget about her adorable, gold strappy sandals that match the studs on her purse. The color gold is a fun way to incorporate accessories into an outfit since the color adds an elegant, fun look to any ensemble.

One Simple Change: Swap the jean shorts with a pair of dark denim skinny jeans for a sleek look that’s perfect for a date night.