Now that school is over, all textbooks, math equations and lab reviews can be stored far far away, it is time for the summer fun to begin. Being outside and enjoying the warmth in a cute outfit, is one of my favorite things about summer. There are so many fun things and activities to do during this awesome season. Floating the river is a very fun relaxing summer activity you can do with one person or ten.

I bumped into this Fashionista while she was on her way to work from floating the river. She rocked the perfect comfy, Free People kind of look. She wore a cutout V-neck romper and over it she wore a dark floral kimono. She can lounge around in this romper because it is a comfy cotton material that also dries quickly if she gets wet. Her kimono covers her up a little from the sun but it also covers the large cut outs in the romper for when she heads to work. She tops off her outfit with the great touch of a large floppy sun hat.

With a huge come back from the ’70s, floppy hats are as popular as ever. A large floppy sun hat is not only stylish but it is also great for shielding your face and eyes from the bright summer sun. They were once only worn at the beach but now, you can rock one pretty much anywhere, for its intended purpose, style, or both,

One Simple Change: To make this look a little less casual when going from a fun activity to work, switch out the slide on sandals for dressy gladiators.